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Music is your language. Music Alliance is your network. We deliver knowledge, tools and help you get to excellence. 

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A Professional Network
Ignite your potential. Music Alliance is a Learning Community and Professional Network for artists, musicians and producers. Create, Collaborate, Communicate.

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Women In Music session every fourth Wednesday of the month
Marketing Your Music every first Wednesday of the month.
Licensing Your Music for Visual Media – every third Wednesday of the month. 
Live Music Show Promotion session every first Tuesday of the month. 
Music Technology and home Studio – Every Second Tuesday of the Month

The Hip Hop Channel – TBA

Hook LIne and Singer -TBA
Insider Perspectives – TBA
Music Alliance Channels offer 2-hour monthly online meetings led by Subject Matter Experts (SME) and industry professionals who share expertise and ignite development. Coaching Channels are available to Affiliate plus, Pro, and Elite members, featuring live group meetings, monthly, supported in Slack Collaboration Channels between sessions. Collegial coaching with collaborative knowledge sharing. New channels are added regularly, all facilitated by Music Alliance professionals.

The Hip Hop Channel
Hook Line and Singer

Artist Marketing and Media

Music Money and Motivation

Women in Music

Licensing Your Music
for Visual Media

Live Performance
Marketing and Management

Music Technology
and Home Studio
Elite Academy
Coming 2024
Say Goodbye! To Student Loans
Join our college-accredited program led by award-winning Professional Music Producers. Study flexibly for just $89/month.

Invest $49K in your brand-new state-of-the-art recording studio with our guidance, instead of spending over $50K a year at other schools.

Gain global competency-based learning for professional growth. Develop skills under credible professionals. Proven, practical, affordable. Start your journey today, not someday.

World Class Learning

Music Alliance delivers highly specialized career development for Electronic Music Producers, Composers and Artists.

Award Winning

Our team includes award winners in multiple categories of Music Production and represent what success looks like up close.

Best Option

Practical, affordable, convenient and a rational way to give yourself the chance for success without regret and student debt.

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Valuable Benefits
  • Connect and Collaborate with Professionals
  • Webinars and Learning Resources
  • Member Earned Points and Rewards
  • Professional Consulting and Advice
  • Discounts from Alliance Affiliates and Partners
  • Monthly Special Interest Group Meetups
  • Marketing Support and Music Distribution
  • Coaching Channels with Elite Professionals
  • Mentored Professional Development
  • Scheduled Collaboration Meetups
  • Private Member Events and Opportunities
  • Curated News and Information
  • College Program from Award Winning Music Producers

  • Business and Legal Templates with Support
  • Behind the Scenes POV Video
  • Strategic Tools and Shared Resources
  • Monetize Your Earning Opportunities
  • Create Your Own Community Within Alliance
  • Major Member Discounts for an Evolving List of Services and Providers
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The sharing of information is an ancient community tradition. Join us for blogs, articles, interviews, opinion, social media, music and product reviews. Share your perspectives, ideas and opportunities and participate in our Member Rewards.