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Music is the language of your spirit, ancient and global. Associate with success. Determine your future. Connect, collaborate and create.

A Community for Artists, Musicians and Producers.

Ignite your potential. Music Alliance was created for artists, musicians and producers to thrive. A community, a family, a tribe. An ever evolving landscape of resources, services, collaboration, knowledge and opportunities. Join us with a complimentary membership or up your level for more services, discounts and benefits

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  • Connect and Collaborate with professionals
  • Marketing Support and Music Distribution
  • Business and Legal Templates and Support
  • Webinars and Learning Resources
  • Curated News and Information
  • Strategic Tools and Shared Resources
  • Member Rewards
  • Mentored Professional Development
  • Behind the Scenes POV Video
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Most Popular

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We deliver global world class learning opportunities and mentored development of your professional competencies. A gateway to your success in the Music Industry.

World Class Learning

Music Alliance delivers highly specialized career development for Electronic Music Producers, Composers and Artists.

Award Winning

Our team includes award winners in multiple categories of Music Production and represent what success looks like up close.

Best Option

Practical, affordable, convenient and a rational way to give yourself the chance for success without regret and student debt.

Develop under the direction of credible successful professionals. Proven, focused, comprehensive, practical and affordable.
Step now, run later.

News, Information and Inspiration

The community itself is the best resource of all. Share beneficial perspectives, ideas and opportunities. There are many ways to collaborate but the passing of information is an ancient pillar and the pulse of a community.

Join us for blogs, articles, interviews, opinion, social media, music and product reviews.  Be active in the community and participate in our Member Rewards Program

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