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The collective power of the community has many advantages. We learn from one another, we have buying power, we acquire and share tools and resources, our influence grows as we build together and this attracts others. We have shared purpose, motion and momentum.

Membership Perks

Not Included in all levels of Membership email address (required for access)

Profile & Blog

A user profile and blog space in the Music Alliance member directory

Web Presence

Access to a professional web presence as part of

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 and complimentary courses.


Discounts for Music Alliance Academy courses, events and services

Student Card

Official Music Alliance Academy Student Card with international discounts.

Tools & Resources

Access to shared tools and resources


Enrollment in the Alliance Points and Rewards program


Invitations to meetups and events


Gallery and content submissions


Weekly and quarterly Newsletter


Affiliate offers and discounts

Collaboration, Feedback and Advice

Member Points & Reward

Members receive discounted services from the Music Alliance, business members, strategic affiliates and marketing partners. Discounts increase with membership level ranging from 5% to 89%.

Your budget is not a barrier at Music Alliance. Earn points and rewards for participating in our community. Write, Vlog, Podcasts, Product Reviews, Tutorials, Event Assistants, Meetup Hosts, and Alliance Social Media. The things you would like to see in our community, you can be part of creating. This will earn points which you can use to level up as well as buy discounted services.

Tools & Resources

At the very core of a community is the sharing of news and information.

The Alliance, its team, and contributing members, work hard to acquire, curate and create content that is influential, Inspirational, or simply real damn interesting. fuse is our digital ‘zine and there will be opportunity to interact and be a thought leader. Want to write, shine a light ? Hit us up! This is our community, lets engage!

Associate with Fellow Music Creators

You are a member in a community of those who share your music passion.
Tell your own story with feature rich profile tools like an “Activity Wall”. Publish and share  content  for others to engage with. Your member dashboard is your home in the community 

What’s more? 

You can create or join focus groups, find friends, follow other members, post videos, post your audio tracks, post links, share inspirational quotes, share photos, share files, create your profile letting others learn about who you are, etc.  The possibilities are waiting for you to tap into.

We provide you with constructive tools to get your career going so that you can be heard, seen and discovered.

Fly On The Wall

See and hear how Grammy-Nominated and Multi-Platinum producers and engineers work, behind the scenes.  Press Play below for the overview  

Share the Experience
Join recording teams as they work, share their workflow, and the secret sauce that goes into creating world class music
16 New Sessions a Year
Affiliate, Pro and Elite members also join us in the studio for 16 new sessions annually.
A Vault Full of Archives
Observe the process and decisions behind making music better
Rise Above the Noise
Learn how to make a mix rise above the noise and punch through the airwaves.
Share the Process
Refreshingly candid sessions allow you to sit in and share in professional recording processes
Submit Your Ideas
share your ideas, suggestions and questions wuth professional recording teams and look for them in a future Fly episode.

No Cost Associate Membership

We hear you knocking and you CAN come in. Our Associate level delivers value without cost and if you want more there is lots  “more” than you can imagine from the outside. Join us for the journey and get your story out there too! 

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