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Gianfranco Randone, better known as Jeffrey Jey, was born in Sicily the 5th of January 1970. Raised in New York (Brooklyn) where he gets his first musical imprint, he starts studying piano and by the age of 22 he moves to Turin where his Pro career starts in the “Bliss Corporation” company as a musician, producer and singer.

His first hit in 1993 was a cover of “People have the Power” by Patty Smith. The name of the band was Bliss Team with which he produced and toured until 1997. In 1998 he is co-writer of his biggest hit “Blue (da ba dee) “forming his current band “Eiffel 65”.

These are some of the achievements with Eiffel 65:

– Grammy nomination for Best Dance band in 2000
– Top of the pop UK artist of the year (2000)
– 4 times platinum record (over 4 million copies) for the album “Europop” in the US
– Diamond record (over 2 million copies) in France
– Double Platinum record in GAS (Germany – Austria – Switzerland)
– Platinum record in England, Australia, Canada, Spain and Italy
– Thousands of concerts all around the world

With over 15 million records sold, thousands of concerts around the globe, and now “Blue” being the IRONMAN III opening track… Jeffrey is surely to be considered a well known international artist.

With over 20 years of song writing he is also now top lining and signing for many other artist like his current work with Robin Shultz “Wave Goodbye” releases on the album Suger.


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