Mentor: Taylin Simmonds GB – MUSIC ALLIANCE

Mentor: Taylin Simmonds GB

with Taylin Simmonds
  • Taylin signed his first record deal with independent record label Blue Label Records
  • at Blue Label Records, Taylin released multiple tracks that charted in the I-Tunes top 100 Dance Charts
  • Co-produced/ co-wrote songs for independent artists and prepared artists for performances
  • Taylin Simmonds is a fit when you are ready to up your game and take critical next steps to making music your career.
  • he will evolve your music production and composition skills, as well as deliver industry insight and a game plan.
  • His instruction leadership is founded in years of experience in both doing and teaching.
  • Join Music Alliance today and book Taylin now!

Multiple tracks in I-Tunes top 100
Taylins passion for creating music led him to the Centre for Arts and Technology in Canada. Taylin signed his first record deal with independent record label Blue Label Records. Taylin released multiple tracks that charted in the I-Tunes top 100 Dance Charts, co-produced/ co-wrote songs for independent artists preparing DJ performances as festival headliners. Artist independence called after stints with major PR Agencies such as Music Promo Today and Dotted Music. He continues to produce music. His pursuits include helping others to develop their own talent. He instructs in the Electronic Music Production Program at Centre for Arts & Technology as well as for Music Alliance. Join Music Alliance today and book Taylin now!

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