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Alliance member Noize Suppressor is an Italian hardcore (live) act. It currently consists of Alessandro Dilillo (DJ Bike) and Stefano Soprani (DJ Deck). In addition to hardcore, Noize Suppressor also produces darkcore and industrial hardcore. The act came into being after a demo recording was sent to D-Boy Records in 1996, this tape was received by Ronnie Lee.

Leading the realm of Hardcore, iconic act Noize Suppressor has taken his industrious art-form to another level, both in musical and performance sectors. Providing audiences with a matchless experience and multi-dimensional entertainment, Noize Suppressor is, without a doubt, one of the most respected and inspiring names in the Hardcore movement.

Piloting the scene since the 90’s, this headlining name holds a sensational discography that consists of five stellar albums that portray the past, present and future of Hardcore. Renowned for his devastating LIVE performances, his infamously raw Sonar tour marked a monumental turning point in Hardcore history.

Holding the signature ‘Italian touch’, Noize Suppressor utilises this singularity in his fiery productions, as well as during his raw and energetic on-stage performances that leave crowds begging for more ‘noize!’


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