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Member Benefits Public GB

The collective power of the community has many advantages. We learn from one another, we have buying power, we acquire and share tools and resources, our influence grows as we build together and this attracts others. We have shared purpose, motion and momentum.
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Points and Rewards
Members receive 5%-89% discounts from Music Alliance, affiliates, sponsors and partners, dependent on member level. Your budget is no barrier. Earn points and rewards by participation in the community. Write, Vlog, Podcasts, Product Reviews, Tutorials, Event Assistants, Meetup Hosts, and Alliance Social Media. You can be part of creating what you envision for the community, and earn points to level up.

Stay Connected!
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The core of a community is the sharing of news and information. The Alliance, and contributing members, work hard to acquire, curate and create content that is influential, Inspirational, or simply real interesting. fuse is our digital ‘zine and there will be opportunity to contribute and be a thought leader. Want to write, shine a light ? Hit us up! This is our community, lets engage!
Fly On The Wall
See and hear how Grammy-Nominated and Multi-Platinum producers and engineers work, behind the scenes.  16 new ones a year and a Vault full of hundreds in the archive. Press Play below for the overview
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Feed Back from Award Winning Pro’s
Take your music to the next level with a Track Review from the award winning mastering engineers of Studio DMI in Las Vegas Nevada. Our in-depth reviews examine the sound, structure, and overall production of your track, then we share techniques to improve your overall sonic quality. We develop a detailed analysis of your song and share ideas and tips with you, to help you achieve a higher quality mix that will cut though and distinguish your signature sound.

Release Your Music Globally
Unlimited annual digital distribution to over 40 outlets. Get your music onto Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and other stores & streaming services. Take advantage of member pricing to have your tracks mixed professionally. Take your music to the next level with honest and credible feedback from Professional Mastering Engineers. Create a winning social media strategy. It is all here.
Entertainment Law
Music Alliance brings you Juan David Lopez of Avenant Law, a UK based legal firm advising bands, solo artists, composers, managers, promoters, distributors and producers. Over 1,000 music companies, including established labels, publishers, music colleges, recording studios and artists use Avenant contracts. Their collection is part of Music Alliance and is a comprehensive up to date collection of music and entertainment law templates. He is expert in record label and band contracts and negotiations, composition and recording services, copyright infringement , producer and songwriter contracts, artist management and agency agreements, publishing and licensing, synchronization, master track licensing, DJ promoter, recording and publishing contracts, , protecting your brand and trademarks, coordination and advice on negotiation and signing of your contract.

Over 100 Events a Year
Webinars, Meet-Ups, Courses, Learning Events, Affiliate Presentations, and Career Support. Explore creativity, performance and marketing your music. Connect with the people who are doing it and be part of the conversation. Learn, collaborate,  and jam on new ideas. Get to know your community, hosts and guests. Network, collaborate and communicate.

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