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Music Alliance brings you Armah David. His renaissance diversity and portfolio of skills and experience, can deliver a career strategy and plan, which will change your trajectory from cruise to climb. He will provide vision and insight that will match your ambition and hard work. Develop your brand and establish the pathway to putting it out there. Join Music Alliance today and book Armah now!
About Armah David
Music Alliance mentor Armah David is a multi-talented entertainment professional specializing in artist management, A&R, marketing/promotions, talent development and more. For 25 years he’s performed as an international DJ and Host at hundreds of venues including concerts, tours, cruise ships and notable recording artists. His work in radio included events (Boston’s Hot 97) the launching of ‘The Takeover’ (Boston’s Big City Radio) and Internet radio station UE Radio. Armah works with mainstream talent like Ginuwine, Shaggy, Floetry, Kenny Lattimore, Marques Houston, Pooch Hall, Eric Bellinger, Tank, Mya, and 112. He has booked and promoted models, actors, producers, musicians, indie and major artists. His record label, talent and production company signed phenom Karlos Farrar whose debut album released and debuted at Number 1 on Amazon Music as well as Number 3 on Billboard Top 100

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