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Music is your language. Music Alliance is your network. We deliver knowledge, tools and help you get to excellence. 

Give Peace a Chance
A Professional Network
Ignite your potential. Music Alliance is a Learning Community and Professional Network for artists, musicians and producers. Create, Collaborate, Communicate.
Valuable Benefits
  • Connect and Collaborate with Professionals
  • Webinars and Learning Resources
  • Member Earned Points and Rewards
  • Professional Consulting and Advice
  • Discounts from Alliance Affiliates and Partners
  • Monthly Special Interest Group Meetups
  • Marketing Support and Music Distribution
  • Curated News and Information
  • Mentored Professional Development
  • Scheduled Collaboration Meetups
  • Private Member Events and Opportunities
  • College Program from Award Winning Music Producers

  • Business and Legal Templates with Support
  • Behind the Scenes POV Video
  • Strategic Tools and Shared Resources
  • Monetize Your Earning Opportunities
  • Create Your Own Community Within Alliance
  • Major Member Discounts for an Evolving List of Services and Providers
Let’s Get It Started
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We deliver global world class learning opportunities and mentored development of your professional competencies. A gateway to your success in the Music Industry.
Develop your skills under the direction of credible successful professionals. Proven, focused, comprehensive, practical and affordable. Take your journeys first step now. “Day one” instead of “one day”
Bright Lights Brings It to Music Alliance
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Become Elite
Join Elite Academy . A college accredited program from award winning Professional Music Producers. Delivered to you on your own terms, for just $89 a Month.
Coming 2023
News, Information and Inspiration
The sharing of information is an ancient community tradition. Join us for blogs, articles, interviews, opinion, social media, music and product reviews. Share your perspectives, ideas and opportunities and participate in our Member Rewards.
You Belong Here
  • A professional learning community. A coalition of experts.
  • Join us without cost. Find your level.
  • Explore events, services, tools, resources and learning.
  • Discover unique specialized development programs for electronic music artists and producers.
  • Bring your competency from start to excellence.
  • leverage tools, resources, services and strategy.
  • Join a professional network and gateway to your success in the Music Industry.
  • Our programs are global, delivered from the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas Nevada  

Fly On The Wall
Watch award winning recording teams share their workflow, and the secret sauce that goes into creating world class music. Join us for 16 new sessions annually or hundreds of videos in the Vault.
Entertainment Law Templates

Comprehensive, up to date, music and entertainment law templates from Avenant Law. Over 1,000 established labels, publishers, recording studios and artists use Avenant contracts.

60 Annual Meet-Up Events

Connect Communicate Collaborate on relevant issues for our business. Technology, Studio Design, Songwriting, Music Production, Social Media, Marketing and more.

Membership Includes Microsoft 365 Office Suite and Storage

Digital ID and Member Certificates. email

Identify with success and let’em know you connect Enjoy student discounts with your official Music Alliance Digital ID. Show your member pride!

Our Academy – Elite Development

Elite development for Artists and Producers. Evolve your skills. Create a career strategy to sell your music and establish your brand. You work in the context of real-world music production competency.

Mentors and Coaching

Success is measured in inches. A high level of personal focus, at the right time, accelerates success. With the right Mentor you are propelled, your opportunities enhanced. When prepared, what has taken years, can be shared in hours.

Tools and Resources

Communities share resources, tools and knowledge. We raise the standard, more access, increased opportunity and better prices for members.

Member Points and Rewards

Up your level, increase your Status Tier, earn greater discounts through your activity, purchases and contribution to the community

Sudden Unexpected Rewards

When people talk to our members they often come bearing gifts, delivered unexpectedly. So check your email.

Music Alliance Has Classifieds

Time to cash in that vintage gear and turn it into your fresh new sound

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